100% Free Flash charts 3D SWF

fstats v1.0

fstats v1.0

fstats is a free chart component for website. Component is excelent to compare many values or for shows statistics. This smart and uniwersal component drawing chart for month, year or anything. You can use and show this component without no limitations and 100% for free for your page. FSTATS lets you to use 6 styles of chart. Everything can set with 11 parameters in the HTML CODE. The free charts is also very light weight (swf file "fstats.swf" has the size of 5 KB only) and fast (drawing dynamically). Now you can integrating charts with your website set every colors and size. Download this component fstats for free and use today.

Download fstats.zip (130KB)

ZIP Pack containing:

  • index.html, cs.css i folder "im" (mean this page examples + graphic files),
  • fstats1.swf, fstats2.swf, fstats3.swf, fstats4.swf (files to drawing charts - formats 1:1,1:2,1:3,1:4),

    Version with PHP script for writing and showing statistics (years, months) you can buy on this site:

    Solutions for parameters:

    All parameters have to be writed inside the Flashvars as:
    Every parameter is saparated by sign "|"
    To draw correct chart variable FlashVars must contain 11 parameters and after parameters min two values. Is no limitations for quantity of values but for performance you shouldn't use more values than 500. Values must be total or decimal writed like (x.xx). For decimal values writed like (x,xx) component will conwert values to total rates. Specials chars like ( ?,&,|,=) are prohibited.

    Example 1 :

    All 11 parameters is set on "0" and after we adds 12 values for one year. Is example only, you can show any values and descriptions for it.
    "vars=0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|343=JAN|297=FEB|279=MAR|270=APR|249=MAY| 250=JUN|178=JUL|237=AUG|194=SEP|252=OCT|128=NOV|356=DEC"

    Example 2 :

    The same values but we setting some of parameters. We setting line y as "LINE-Y", line x as "LINE-X" and label as "LABEL OF CHARTS". We use parameter p11 (1) to show all values (good when you use not very much rates).
    "vars=LINE-Y|LINE-X|LABEL OF CHARTS|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|1|343=JAN|297=FEB|279=MAR|270=APR|249=MAY| 250=JUN|178=JUL|237=AUG|194=SEP|252=OCT|128=NOV|356=DEC"

    Example 3 :

    Now we sets color of lines and X values (p4=333333). Most important parametr p6 was set on 0 but changing it you can change style of charts. We sets p6=1 Thats mean point charts 2D.
    "vars=LINE-Y|LINE-X|LABEL OF CHARTS|333333|0|1|0|0|0|0|1|343=JAN|297=FEB|279=MAR|270=APR|249=MAY| 250=JUN|178=JUL|237=AUG|194=SEP|252=OCT|128=NOV|356=DEC"

    Example 4 :

    Parameter p6 is changed again. Now is set on 2 (p6=2). Thats mean style of chart is columns 2D. Here we changing also color of chart, parameter (p10=6699ff) default is set color black (p10=0).
    "vars=LINE-Y|LINE-X|LABEL OF CHARTS|333333|0|2|0|0|0|6699ff|1|343=JAN|297=FEB|279=MAR|270=APR|249=MAY| 250=JUN|178=JUL|237=AUG|194=SEP|252=OCT|128=NOV|356=DEC"

    Example 5 :

    Let select another style (p6=3). From now charts will 3D line. When you will set parameter (p5=3), component will draw horizontal lines (value 3 mean 4lines). For no lines (p5=0) is default. When you will set parameter (p9=ffff99) component will draw line on average value in this color (default is p9=0 mean disabled).
    "vars=LINE-Y|LINE-X|LABEL OF CHARTS|333333|3|3|0|0|ffff99|6699ff|1|343=JAN|297=FEB|279=MAR|270=APR|249=MAY| 250=JUN|178=JUL|237=AUG|194=SEP|252=OCT|128=NOV|356=DEC"

    Example 6 :

    Again change style of flash chart (p6=4 mean column chart 3D). You can also set parameter p7 to marking with color (p7=00ff66) max value and also all increase values on chart default is disable (p7=0).
    "vars=LINE-Y|LINE-X|LABEL OF CHARTS|333333|3|4|00ff66|0|ffff99|6699ff|1|343=JAN|297=FEB|279=MAR|270=APR|249=MAY| 250=JUN|178=JUL|237=AUG|194=SEP|252=OCT|128=NOV|356=DEC"

    Example 7 :

    Last posible style of charts is points 3D (p6=5). For marking decrease values and draw min valeu line, you must select parameter (p8=ff3333) default is disabled (p8=0).
    "vars=LINE-Y|LINE-X|LABEL OF CHARTS|333333|3|5|00ff66|ff3333|ffff99|6699ff|1|343=JAN|297=FEB|279=MAR|270=APR|249=MAY| 250=JUN|178=JUL|237=AUG|194=SEP|252=OCT|128=NOV|356=DEC"

    Examples :

    How you see, with my component you can change every detail of charts, colors, styles, labels everything. Thats mean this web component is uniwersal and 100% free also for commercial use. You dont need learn flash to use this, just respect simple rules for parameters and values. You can write any script PHP for show this statistics. We prepared some script for you but you must pay for that 15EURO more detail about FSTATS PRO you will find on:



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