pobierz frate flash komponent do głosowania

frate v1.0

frate v1.0

Frate is small, usefull and free. This is excellent component for to rate opinion about your products, movies, programs etc. You can use this for ratting value 1-10 or showing percent value from script, or HTML code. Frate lets you to chose colors and style of icons. Frate lets you apply ratting system on your website without knowledge of flash. To use component is easy like write HTML. With that component you can use animation icons (thats new). Component is very light weight (just 5KB). Use Javascript to save even more code in files (example of that use is at: http://www.sexlogin.pl).
If you will define path to php script, component will activate ratting system and send by POST method var "rate=XX" after click. System using httpRequest method for sending (the same like AJAX).

Download frate.zip (25KB)

Zip package contains the files:

  • Help and example files (this website),
  • Fcounter files.
  • demo.php,frate.txt,frate.js (example of simple using script),
  • frate.swf (component FRATE 5KB),

    Description of parameters to use:

    p1 - percent of rate value to show (0-100)
    p2 - Style of icons: 1-sun, 2-smile, 3-shield, 4-round, 5-pack, 6-bar, 7-medal, 8-fire, 9-flower, 10-block, 11-hand, 12-heart, 13-animfire, 14-animheart, 15-animbar, 16-animround, 17-animstar, 18-animsmile (default is set 0-star)
    p3 - Color of main icons (default 0 mean FFCC00 - yellow).
    p4 - Color of background icons (default 0 mean EEEEEE - light grey).
    p5 - url path to PHP script for ratting system (ex. "demo.php"). Default is 0 and thats mean ratting system is off and component will show only value (user can't vote).


    All parameters must be set like above. The addresses of the URL should be from the same domain (can use the relative URLs). If you don't know how HTML code should look, see to the source of this webside.

    Examples :

    All examples is off from ratting except last one where you can rate this tutorial :-)

    Example 1:

    All parameters are set as default. Value is set as 0 percent (p1=0) so application shows background icons only. Style is set as default (p2=0 STARS):

    Example 2 :

    We changed value (p1=98) component automatically rounding value to 90% and showing it with SUNS style (p2=1). All colors is default:

    Example 3 :

    We changed value on 50% (p1=50) and style on motion hearts (p2=14). Color of main icons is set as red (p3=cc0000):

    Example 4 :

    Value again changed (20% p1=20), block style (p2=10), Color of background icons is set (p4=777777):

    Example 5 :

    This is last example so we activated ratting system. We changed fifth parameter as URL (p5=demo.php). All graphics are vectors so you can resize flash object without quality loss (object is increase doubly to make voting easier). Style is set as motion smiles. To see how it's work, move mouse on component and click selected value. Refresh website to see results. Application send var "rate=??" to php script where is received by POST method:


    Other components you'll find at: http://www.flashstar.pl/c/