dynamic counter swf

fcounter v1.0

fcounter v1.0

fcounter is 100% free flash web component for website which displays the quantity of visitors on your page. You can use and show this component without no limitations and 100% for free for your page. The meter of the visit is very easy in the use and is very universal. FCOUNTER lets you to use external graphic files to use as digits. You can use also different colors for fonts and backgrounds fields and set transparency for that. Everything can set with 8 parameters in the HTML CODE. The free counter of users visits is also very light weight (swf file "fcounter.swf" has the size of 2,5 KB only) so you can save transfer of your server. Download this flash counter for free and use today.

Download fcounter.zip (40KB)

ZIP Pack containing:

  • index.html, cs.css i folder "im" (mean this page examples + graphic files),
  • fcounter.txt (value of counter)
  • fcounter.php (counting script for visits PHP 0,5KB),
  • fcounter.swf (file with flash aplication 2,5KB),
  • folder "dig" (folder with digits JPG)
  • plik bg.jpg (file of background and bg.psp for photoshop)

    Solutions for 8 parameters:

    p1 - Value of visitors (as digits) or path to TXT file with value (URL).
    p2 - Color of font for digits (RRGGBB) (0 - white)
    p3 - Color of background fields (RRGGBB) (0 - black)
    p4 - Transparency for digits fields (0 - 100) (0 - transparent)
    p5 - Path to background file for digits fields (0 - disabled)
    p6 - Path to folder of graphics for digits JPG (0 - disabled)
    p7 - URL for invisible button (0 - disabled)
    p8 - Path to PHP counting script (0 - showing but not counting).

    Parameters have to be writed into FlashVars in HTML CODE: "vars=p1|p2|p3|p4|p5|p6|p7|p8"

    Paths should be at the same domain. This rule is not require for URL in p7. File fcounter.txt should have permission for writing for all CHMOD666.

    Example 1 :

    fCounter shows quantity "2556" (value is writs in parameter1. This is good option for dynamic pages like PHP script) is black background with alpha 20%:

    Example 2 :

    Similar example but graphic of background was added (path to file "bg.jpg"). Parameter p4 is not needed so is set as 0:

    Example 3 :

    Similar but we declare different graphic file for every digit (path to folder "dig" was added In folder should be files with names 0 to 9 JPG) Don't need parameter p5 so set it as 0:

    Example 4 :

    The same example but we added path to external file with value of counter (fcounter.txt). Component downloading content of file and showing this (content of fcounter.txt must to be correct quantity):

    Example 5 :

    Here we added URL (http://www.flashstar.pl). Now after click on component page will relocate you to this page:

    Example 6 :

    Here we used p8 and after page is loaded PHP script will activated (fcounter.php). For alternative method of activating script you can write in HTML CODE <script src="fcounter.php"></script> on every page with will counted. Then you set parameter p8 (0):


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